Dog Walks: Heath Community Park +Great Circle Earthworks

Griffin at Moundbuilders Park. He was on leash. On a sit stay.

Yesterday we found some places for quick walks and training between teaching puppy class at Viktor’s vet and afternoon lessons with a family of awesome aussies.

We first went the Heath Community Park/Geller Park. When we pulled in the place was deserted but there was a huge “no dogs” sign at the gate.  So we left.




Tonks at Moundbuilders Circle

Our next stop was the Moundbuilders Park – the portion near the Great Circle Earthworks.  This was a  source of many field trips in elementary/middle school.  Only in college did I realize that it’s a fairly unusual structure.  It’s nice that dogs are allowed  at a place of such historical significance – even if dogs aren’t permitted at the nearby “community” park we first tried to visit. We saw a few people walking but not many. There were two dogs (illegally) off leash but those owners were very respectful and stayed quite far away from us and appeared to have good control of their dogs.

One of my favorite things about this park is all the older trees. This will make it a great place for summer walking with plenty of shade. There are some asphalt trails but also areas of dirt trails – giving plenty of room off to the side to move away if a dog needs more space. We highly recommend this as a dog walking location!