MN April 2017 :: Vet Trip

On Monday we had one of our many trips to visit the rehab vet that keeps Griffin and Viktor as well as possible after past health challenges. For both of the dogs it was a recheck and hoping that nothing new would be discovered. We now have a board certified rehab vet at OSU – a 15 minute drive from home but with the complications for both Griffin and Viktor, we’ll keep up with our (now infrequent) trips to Minnesota.

Viktor had his highest weight ever – 40lbs now!  He had some soreness…probably from Tonks occasionally running into him during play.  There are some changes with his muscles in his front legs – we’re hoping it’s due to not swimming (much) over the winter. So with swimming and new exercises we should hopefully see him back to where he was or better.

At one point during the exam, the vet had trouble looking at his front paws because there was a lot of “forestry” in there due to his morning adventures.

Griffin was fine which is great news. I want him as healthy and happy for as long as possible. Tonks went in for a weight and to resolve an ongoing debate about her size.  45lbs which is lower than I expected.