Dog Shows – Why are Online Entries More Expensive?

Good news – I’ve see more opportunities for online entries.   Including an entry that I sent last week – I entered the day before closing and a paper entry would have not arrived on time.

Bad news – almost every one of these options (AKC obedience/rally, UKI agility, breed working certificate) want to charge extra.   It kind of makes sense – sometimes it’s a second party handling the registrations and generating information.  And they do “lose” money when paying the credit card fees/paypal fees.

However – most likely it makes things so much easier.

  1. Automatic Replies Generated:  When paper entries are used, the secretary has to manually enter information, leaving room for transcription areas.
  2. Less Paper:  Dog shows produce -so- much paper!
  3. Automatic Payment/No Need to Handle Checks: Less room for things to be misplaced, less trips to the bank, less room for errors in payment amounts.
  4. Can’t Get Lost: The exhibitor knows right away if a confirmation email is not received or if errors are in the registration.
  5. Easier Refunds:  Addressing envelopes and sending out money is far more steps!

Why do they charge more? If anything – it seems shows should be charging less for online entries and more for paper entries!

I’ve helped to host WCRL rally, CDSP obedience and UKC nosework – and we received mostly online entries and have debated going to online only.  If you help host events -do you accept online entries  – why or why not?  As an exhibitor is it working well for you?