Griffin – Companion Dog!

Way back in 2001 when Blaze was a puppy, I did a lot of reading online about dogs and training – very quickly I learned about dog sports/activities – including competition obedience.  For many reasons (dog health! behavior challenges!  rules at the time prohibiting mixed breed dogs!) I just wasn’t able to do much with Blaze and Luna. 

Photo by MN

Finally, after all this time, we’ve been able to achieve the goal. Griffin and I finished the AKC Companion Dog title two weeks ago! 

It was a very hot/humid day. The trial was in a barn at a fairgrounds, no air conditioning but many huge fans. A conformation show was in an outdoor/tent area with announcements made through the loudspeaker system in the whole area.

It wasn’t our best performance – but we passed even with the challenging environment.  He did his best heeling in a trial.  The figure 8 was hilarious – as we went around a person the breeze changed and her skirt blew right against his face!  During the stays arm bands started to blow away and almost created a lure coursing situation!  The judge went and intervened to catch the escaping arm band.


Now we’re excited to move up and work towards additional goals.