About Kristen

About Kristen:

This  About Kristen section shares a little about my experiences and how I can help you.

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Blaze rally novice
Blaze – Rally Novice

Like most dog trainers, my own challenging dog led to an interest in dog training. I have a degree in animal behavior from the OSU.  A formal background in biology, animal sciences, and psychology helps me approach dog training as a science. I completed the Karen Pryor Academy program the first year it was available. As a result of wanting the best for my students, I attend many continued education events on teaching, training, and behavior. Sometimes these are local seminars and sometimes we’re traveling to other countries!


Dog training can be about problem solving but it’s also about relationships and communication. I volunteer with the Ohio dog 4-H program at a local and state level.  This has given me a huge amount of time spent with families and youth. 

Dog Games

My dogs and I compete in dog activities including obedience, agility, and rally. While I know that not everyone wants to do those games with their dogs, I learn a lot from the experiences. We work on details, precision, and getting tasks right on the first try. Most activities are done off leash, in challenging environments and with many distractions. We like finding opportunities for off leash hikes and love traveling to new places. Sometimes I have to do other things, – but almost all of my time is spent with dogs!  

Next Steps

There’s always more to learn! 2018 goals include focus on tracking and field training with my dogs and  finding better ways to support clients between  training sessions.


Griffin in WI


Gaylan’s Siriusly Not Joking PCD BN RN OA AXJ OB1 CDX-C ISD PD CL-3 CCA ARCHEX NN  (obedience, rally, breed-club conformation, agility, nosework, mondioring obedience)

Griffin is the best dog! We have traveled the world together and love having adventures together.





Viktor in MD“Viktor”

Durmstrangn’s Wronski Feint  RL1 (rally)

Viktor has various physical and behavior challenges but enjoys all our adventures.






Tonks in WI“Tonks”

GoodNgold’s Nymphadora RL2

Tonks is adorable and powerful. She loves laying, swimming, and people.