20 Weeks!

We’ve had a lot of woods walks and adventures. He’s still young enough to stick close most of the time, but we’re able to get in a lot of woods walks. We accidentally had swimming – he wasn’t sure that he liked that but he also didn’t dislike it too much. Next week it should […]

18 Weeks!

This week we learned to use the ChuckIt. I had never used one before and my attempts were quite embarrassing. I was glad no one was around to watch. Viktor helped as a demo dog in a few ‘big dog classes’ this week. It’s fun to alternate between him and Griffin, depending on who will […]

17 Weeks!

This was a great week! It was finally warm enough to get out and do things outdoors! He really likes to jump and climb – he’s so happy to know how to get on furniture. He loves to roll on people and get right up into their faces if he can. The higher he can […]

16 Weeks!

Last week we had another vet visit for his last round of puppy vaccinations. That went even better than last time in most ways. I also had him walk in on his own this time and we had great walking, even past the cat!  On Sunday morning we did additional vet things – we went […]