Group Class

Class work - groupManners Class:

We have small group training sessions to train basic manners. Some teams work on Canine Good Citizen testing goals.  Classes last 45+ minutes long.

Dogs and puppies*  are welcome. I encourage all family members (kids too!) to come and help.  Dogs should be relaxed enough to eat treats when away from home and when around other dogs/people. Dogs who are too excited or too scared to accept treats are not yet ready for a group class. Email for private lesson information.

*Puppies should have finished vaccinations as we are working in public locations.

We will be training skills like come when called, walking calmly, greeting people, sit or down on signal and stay for distractions.

Upcoming Granville Dates – Email for locations and registration information

  • Friday January 19 – 5pm 
  • Thursday Jan 25 – 5pm 
  • Friday Feb 2 – 6pm
  • Friday Feb 16 – 6pm 

What to Bring: 


  • Food rewards:  Take a look at this list. Be sure to also look at the last section – a list of foods to not bring. Please pre-cut your food and have an appropriate type of treat pouch – this is to help you and your dog progress. It seems like extra work, but it will save you time in the long run!
  • Mat/Bed:  This can be as small as a hand towel – even for a large dog.  Something with raised edges will be easier for a beginner dog.
  • Clicker:  If you don’t already have one, I’ll pass them out your first week (no cost)
  • Water, bowl, clean up bags:  
  • Folding chairs (optional):  Some of our locations do not have good seating and you may want to sit when your dog is on a break.
  • Toy:  If your dog likes play rewards you can bring a non-squeaky toy. Tugging toys are easier to use than fetching toys when your dog is on leash.
  • Dress for the weather: We will be outside. In the event of poor weather, call or email. Wear appropriate footwear for activity.
  • Winter Weather Tips –  We’ll use a bed/mat for any settling – if we are on the move, we’ll take a stand stay rather than a sit or down for the short haired dogs!