In Home Training

In Home Training

Private lessons programs are done in home or in public to give you the help and support for successful behavior change.  Get results in your own home with the distractions and day-to-day environment.  In home training is convenient and applicable for basic training or behavior challenges. 

What makes our training programs different:

Training is designed to progress quickly. If we aren’t seeing changes, we need to change something! If you are seeing changes – we need to go to the next step. All programs include training materials,  individual email notes, group class participation options, and phone/email support.

Puppy Training Program

Have a puppy?  We’ll do four in-home sessions to start basic skills, problem prevention, start a socialization plan and create structured strategies so that you have a daily plan.

This program is for puppies to start between 8 and 20 weeks.

Call 740-644-0049 or email with any questions or to register.






 Manners Training Program

Ready for your dog to pay attention and respond to your requests? In this program we work on sit, down, stay, come, walking, and door manners. We create a foundation, show you real world applications, and give your dog a start more advanced training. Six sessions over a two month period, participation in group classes, and specific training exercises. We can mix and match skills as needed to prioritize your dogs’ weak areas.

Call 740-644-0049 or email with any questions or to register.


Problem Solving Program

Growling at guests. Barking at dogs. Hiding from everyone.  Sometimes we need to do more than just manners training – sometimes we have to change how dogs feel about specific situations. We’ll do four sessions within a month, group class, and start specific training tasks.

Call 740-644-0049 or email with any questions or to register.