New – Puppy class in Licking County!  In March I began teaching a puppy class through Viktor’s vet – . Call the vet clinic to enroll!  Please email me with any questions. We’re so happy they’re helping us to have a safe, clean environment for young puppies to learn in a structured environment.

Manners Class: Weather permitting, we will have small group training sessions to work on basic manners and Canine Good Citizen testing goals.  These sessions will last 45+ minutes and can be scheduled on a week to week basis (no set start/end).

Dogs off all levels welcome, dogs should be comfortable enough to eat treats when away from home and be comfortable working  at least 20′ from other dogs and people. We can set up a time for a quick test to see if your dog is ready for this type of training environment.

Intermediate dogs will be challenged by the environment, more difficult training exercise, and structured distractions. We’re ready to make progress!

Fee: $15 /class.  No cost to current private lesson clients.

Next Scheduled Classes: – Email for dates and locations. After each class homework/practice notes are emailed out to teams. Manners training for focus and self control. At least two teams are needed for class to be held. 


  • April 25 – 10am
  • April 30 – noon
  • May 7 – 5pm

Licking County:   Email for more information.

  • April 27 – 5pm
  • April 29  – noon
  • May 6 – noon

To register and get locations: Please email so that I know to expect you and to get the how-to-prepare information as well as specific locations.

Email for more information.