Take a look at videos of our training!

Demonstration:  Here area few video examples showing how young dogs can walk nicely, settle in public, and hold still for grooming or medication.

Puppy – Go to Bed

B stayed with me for some training – here’s a session where he started to learn about going to a bed.

Griffin at AKC  Scentwork – Novice Containers

We were at the 2017 Eukaneuba Performance Games for the very first AKC Scent Work trials. We got 4 passes on containers!  Griffin had to find the box containing Birch.

Griffin at USDAA Agility – Gamblers P2 – 1st Place

For the first part, we make our own course to gain points. For the ending (0:50) we complete a distance portion by not crossing the tape line.

Blaze – AKC Rally Novice

2012 – Blaze was 11 years old and got a 1st place with a 97/100.